Imagine, you can deploy a private network ranging 2KM and build a million connections. Objects connect and collaborate in real time through reliable and secure private channels. Massive data are aggregated and analyzed in real time, autonomous decision-making is fulfilled by machine intelligence and cyber-physical integration is performed by digital twins.
5G smart factory is one such samples. Through multiple connections, one of major 5G features, the integration of massive sensors and smart dashboards allows the user to review 85% real-time production data, run site management as well as analysis on the virtual platform as the database of equipment autonomous parameter commissioning and decision making. The user can perform remote collaboration seamlessly through mixed reality device to troubleshoot errors in real time.
Through the high bandwidth, introduces machine vision AI analysis with high resolution to improve the discrepancy resulted from traditional manual work and manage the production site. The combination of interactive smart inspection, training and job instructions, SOP-based process monitoring of cycling time and production efficiency, as well as comprehensive auto records for optimization cannot only increase inspection efficiency by 20% and reduce the cycle of learning curve by 30%, but also create a safer and more secure working environment.
By upgrading smart manufacturing to cross-industry fusion and innovation. Looking into the future, will continue dedicating to its mission of providing extensively insightful consulting and technical services featuring high efficiency to customers and the ecosystem. It is definitely the most reliable partner on your journey to digital transformation driven by 5G.